The McNamee Family

Britt, Jeff, Ruby and Simon began, like many current home builders, thinking “green.” Our priorities for our new home included creating an energy efficient space that didn’t impact the environment the way many new homes do. As we researched the “green” movement we found that many of the strategies are cost effective in the short and long term and some were out of our budget. The most interesting evolution was our definition of “green.” As you investigate which products are perceived to be “green,” you soon realize that there is an expansive continuum depending on your definition. Our builders helped us to reorient our view of “green” to prioritize products that will create a healthy environment for the life of our home. For example, a major priority for us has been to reduce our use of products that off gas “volatile organic compounds,” or VOCs. If you take the time to investigate typical building products (e.g. fiber glass insulation, engineered floor joists, paint, and even bamboo flooring) your find that these products off gas toxic urea formaldehyde, a compound that impacts human health.

We have appreciated the conversation with our builders as our view of a “green home” evolved. We are excited that our home will not only be energy efficient and reduce its impact on the environment, but will also provide a healthy environment for our family.


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